Ocean Banjo Patterns

Real banjo patterns, at the press of a button

Ocean Banjo Patterns is a virtual instrument sample library created for Native Instruments’ Kontakt. With over 500 pre-loaded banjo phrases, Ocean Banjo Patterns allows you to simply hold the desired note in the key of your song and play a 2 measure pattern that is tempo synced to your project.

For each of the 12 semitones in an octave, we have included 21 major key banjo patterns, 21 minor key banjo patterns, a major strummed chord, and a minor strummed chord. While each pattern in a key is different from the next, there are groupings that share similarities allowing you to build a phrase that resembles the same pattern style without having the same part repeated over again. 

Each of these patterns were recorded between 100 bpm and 120 bpm. This allows for flexibility (within reason) when tempo syncing to slower or faster tempos in your project. 

Requires Kontakt 5.3.1 or later

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